Baby Ariel Stark

My last day in Israel and we had been talking about a shoot while I was there but our plans went awry when Liora went into labor so we had to post pone our shoot to do a newborn shoot! If you know me you know I am obsessed with my job and there's no where else I would have rather been spending my last day with these beauties! It was a rush to beat the sunset - one reason you should always hire a professional. With barely any light left outside we quickly succeeded in getting these amazing heartfelt and delicious images. I LOVE the love that exudes from them and even with so little time and light we got a dynamic range and even little brother participated. I am so lucky to be able and travel and do what I love and most importantly I am so lucky to have such amazing, supportive clients who are there for me and I am able to greatly reward them for their love and everlasting enthusiasm!!

How beautiful are these two? And their two yummies!?