The Miller Family {NYC}

Sometimes we all get burnt out. But then there are families that you just connect too and and never want the shoot to end! That's what it was like with this amazing family. Claire, McCann and Kerry had me at "Hello!" They were all smiles and we had the best time in the park together with their parents exploring. I just couldn't stop smiling all week after our session - thinking how great it is I was chosen to spend a few hours in a beautiful park with THIS beautiful family. Each kid, Claire, McCann and Kerry showed me such personality. Claire is super sweet. McCann is a goof and ready to smile. And Kerry -- He is the perfect child, super calm and calming and full of smiles and warmth. Elizabeth and Michael are the best parents, you can see it in their kids and the love they show them every second every minute every hour. I am so lucky I to have gotten to meet them, get to know them for a few hours and continue to see their shining faces day in and out

Their love is tangible.

<3 Abbie

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