Justin and Michelle {NYC Proposal}

It's always exhilarating when you get to be apart of one of the biggest moments in someone's life. Yes, there's the wedding, the engagement party, birthdays....but this moment, asking someone else to spend the rest of their life with you -- it's phenomenal to say the least.

Michelle had no idea what was coming. As the photographer I got to literally spy on them the whole night as they finished their dinner and waiting for the famous Tao fortune cookie to arrive with the magical words "will you marry me?" -- as soon as she say the cookie, tears just started flowing and everyone in the place could feel the mix of excitement and emotion.

We took some more photos outside in the streets of New York and made our way downtown to see both families who were overcome with joy and happiness to have these two beautiful young souls agree to marry each other. Their story was shared as tears, laughter and hugs filled the room -- I would not miss this for anything.


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