Recent Work/Blog

Here's some of my recent work. I do many shoots so it's hard to keep up but I try to post as much as I can. I have one issue however, I take too many photos. I share too many photos. I know I know, it's a good thing. 

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Rocky and Elisha - twin sisters aka best friends...I had the honor of capturing their love with their Dad and their special bond of their children. I can relate to this love of your twins kids, and the joy it brings you to see them together.

Ben's Bar Mitzvah!

Ben and his family were such a pleasure. We JUST missed the rain. Had a fun time trying to find the yad at the shul...and I got to meet lovely Emma! Oh and I learned the Russian word for grandfather too! AND we cannot forget Sophia's forever (amazing) poses!!!

Ezra's Bar Mitzvah

Ezra is a very special kid. He and his friends really knew how to party! I enjoyed seeing his kindness and charm in action amongst all of his friends. And his family (puppy Zoey included) love him so much! It was such a pleasure getting to know each and every member of the family!

From Belly to Boyhood

Their love through and through, from when Sigal was pregnant with their child to the brit milah, and then to witnessing them in their home amongst all those important and close to them. I am so lucky to see and capture these moments, from start to finish!